Open Table Nashville

Internship Application Form

Internship Application Form


Personal Reflection

Statement of Purpose

Please write a “Statement of Purpose.” The following questions might be helpful to you as you consider your own history: Why are you interested in interning at OTN? What are your personal/profession goals for this kind of internship? Do you have specific skills or interests in one or more of our initiatives? At this point in your life, what is your understanding of your calling or vocation? Where would you like to go from here? What motivates you to engage in work with impoverished communities? Do you come from a particular faith tradition? If so, how has that impacted your life and work? (Please respond in less than 1,000 words.)


  • As a small organization, we are only able to take on a few interns at a time so this is a competitive process.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be able to present at least one reference from a current or former supervisor, teacher, or mentor.
  • Be willing to work with people of diverse cultures toward a common goal.
  • Be willing to intern without a stipend or to raise funding for your living expenses. If you have financial needs, let us know and we will support however we can.
  • We prioritize interns that are passionate about going beyond models of service and charity toward models of justice where cycles of poverty are broken.
  • We value diversity and also prioritize interns who are coming with specific personal, professional, and academic goals in mind.
  • At this point, we require interns to have a car. We will help with some gas expenses.

All interns are expected to be in alignment with and contribute to the mission of OTN and demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Cooperation with others when in a team environment;
  • Willingness to follow OTN policies, safety guidelines, and procedures;
  • Punctual and consistent attendance and good communication skills;
  • Ability to perform light physical tasks (i.e. organizing supplies, walking the distance of a half mile or more);
  • Basic ability to read and write in English;
  • Basic computer skills; and
  • Openness to direction and constructive feedback from supervisors.